Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If You Insist-eth...

On knowing my bliss....

Sound familiar?

Yes, it's partial lyrics from only the greatest band duo evah! Hall and Oats.


You read it here first.

However, what is not "first" is my shock back in the day when I first heard Rich Girl by only the greatest band duo evah! and heard the word b*tch in the lyrics.

Whoa Nellie!

What did he just sing?

Yeah, I was that naive.

Still am.

However, do not paint a picture of a Sandie-face dotted cheeky red in your precious mind.

Oh no.

That did not come until much later.


And we didn't have Proactive back in those days.


No, nothing really embarrassed me (or at least nothing I feel like fessing up to) until this....


Oh, Madonna.

Haven't ye got-eth anything better-eth to do-eth?

Like shave-eth?


Oh, the unforgivable loss of innocence!

How it hurt-eth!

Like a bitch-eth.