Tuesday, December 10, 2013


So I am a couple days early posting for the ever ominous Friday the 13th!

Yeah, that happens this week.

Hence, the Boo!

On that alleged spooky day, I am scheduled to get my first shot as part of the Poloma Study I am participating in, however, the date was not set in stone.

Nurse Lisa: "Let's see when we can get you in... well... we'll get your EKG and lab work on Monday, Tuesday you have your CT Scan and Bone Scan... we'll need a couple of days to get those results, so what about Friday? Oh, but that's Friday the 13th, you're not superstitious are you?"

Me: "Uhm well let's see, I've already got cancer how much worse can it get? Nah, no superstitions here."

Then she laughed.

A lot.

Then on Monday whilst putting stickers on my torso and limbs for my EKG, Nurse Lisa posed a very sensitive question, "How old are you?"

I told her the dreaded number.

Astonished, she replied, "I thought you were at least ten years younger than me, and I'm 44 years old."

Me: "That's the correct response."

I tell ya: I like this girl.

A lot.

*insert cheesy smile here*

B.S. No EKG machines were harmed during the production of this post.

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  1. Kiddo, I like your style. Cancer sucks giant moose cocks, but you're just feisty enough to beat its rotten ass to the curb. Yep. I'm putting my money on you!